BLOG: We have launched our new iPhone app

Ben Titley (in partnership with Silver Hatch Sports), has as of today, been approved to sell his first iPhone / iPad mobile phone application called Freestyle Swimming.

BLOG: Can Acupuncture Improve Optimal Performance for Athletes?

With the Olympics nearly here it is a matter of real importance for athletes and all serious sports people to achieve their maximum state of fitness, health, well being and performance.

BLOG: Athletes contracts are never easy

It has been a remarkable month in many ways. We have been busy negotiating several contracts. Some good, some bad and some just ugly. We have negotiated conditions that will benefit our clients. We have inserted clauses that will protect image rights. We have negotiated commitments versus payment structure. We have negotiated bonus performance structures. Negotiating contracts or at least highlighting clauses of concern/conflict are part of any sports managers work load. What happens when a tough contract is put in front of you? What happens when the conditions of the contract are non-negotiable or at least you are told they are non-negotiable? What happens when you are told to sign or else? It is precisely because athletes are often inexperienced, very young and usually without resources, particularly at the earlier stages of their career, that signing without the correct advise happens on a regular basis. All we can say with certainty is that you should seek advise form people more experienced and that includes the possibility of going to a solicitor! Why?

BLOG: Product Sponsorship - Why bother and what to expect

There are many types of sponsorship agreements that can be put into to play. At Silver Hatch Sports we have experienced them all. From high value, high profile commitments through to promoting brands in schools and shops. The cost of each type of sponsorship is negotiated based on cost, value and return.

BLOG: Is Ireland ready for the London 2012 Olympics?

With a general election looming people are getting ready to vote. With the recession and general doom and gloom businesses seem happy to continue to stare into the bleak. Ready? Ready for what? We are just happy to survive. To a large extent I agree. But remember not everything is depressed. There are always winners in any recession and there are markets that are growing. There is also, always, the whisper of opportunity. Opportunities on the horizon. Opportunities like the Olympic Games.

BLOG: Sponsorship is changing

The attitude of sponsors to the use of new media is changing. Traditional media is in decline. Sponsorship activation and positive PR campaigns now involves engaging new media such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, YouTube, Buzz, Digg It etc. Sponsors are no longer just looking for exposure on third party sites. Sponsors are now using social media network platforms as a parasite to reach out and grow beyond the infrastructure of their own network, web site and audience in order to activate their brand. Many major sponsors have now created their own site in line with their sponsorship. These sites are used as umbrella sites that interact with the social media sites.