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Patrick McKeown is a foremost authority in the field of breathing. He was educated at Trinity College Dublin, completing his clinical training in Russia. In 2002, he was accredited as a breathing coach by renowned physician Dr. Konstantin Buteyko.

Since 2002, Patrick has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide. His work focuses on improving breathing for resilience, deep sleep, concentration and attention span. He has trained elite military Special Forces, SWAT, Olympic coaches and athletes. He is breathing advisor to the Extreme Performance Training XPT program – created by American big-wave surfer, Laird Hamilton – and has taught more than 700 breathing instructors across 50 countries.

He regularly appears on popular podcasts including London Real, Ben Greenfield, Ben Pakulski, Warrior Souls and Bulletproof.

Patrick’s newest book, The Breathing Cure (2021) contains comprehensive research into breathing science. It offers practical applications for breathing exercises in a variety of health conditions. And it provides a unique series of exercises suitable for adults, children and teens. The Breathing Cure develops ideas shared in Patrick’s 2015 book, The Oxygen Advantage, including breathing exercises to increase oxygen delivery, improve sleep and boost concentration. It has been described by the Australian naturopath Mim Biem as, “THE definitive book on breathing.”

“Using (the) Oxygen Advantage for the reduction of stress in SWAT and other High Stress Law Enforcement activities is what I am most interested in now, and I have a lot to work with thanks again to Patrick McKeown!” – Joey Williams, SWAT Commander responsible for training, Berkeley, CA, USA

Option 1
Using the breath to activate your genius brain for success

  • How breathing affects your brainpower, intuition and decision making
  • How to enhance focus, concentration and attention span
  • Applying the tactical breathing methods used by special forces to get in the zone
  • Using breathing exercises to calm your mind and body on tap
  • Achieving deep sleep for better cognitive function, productivity and relationships
  • Preparing for presentations, public speaking, job interviews, and other high-pressure situations

Option 2
Breathing workout for recovery, resilience and health

  • How breathing patterns affect health, short-term and for life
  • The importance of stress management for physical and mental wellbeing
  • How to improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery and why it’s important
  • Up and down regulating your nervous system to enhance performance, recovery, heart rate variability (HRV) and resilience
  • How to manage problem sleep and get the deep rest your body needs

Option 3
Practical breathing to enhance athletic performance

  • How to simulate altitude training to delay lactic acid and fatigue. Enjoy better stamina and faster run times
  • How to improve repeated sprint ability without risk of injury
  • Better recovery post-exercise and during competition/match season
  • Preparing for competition — how to get in the zone
  • Preventing exercise-induced asthma and respiratory infections
  • The importance of the diaphragm for functional movement and core strength

Option 4
The gender gap in research, and how breathing exercises can help with physical and mental wellbeing in people who menstruate

  • Why breathing is different for people who menstruate
  • How breathing changes during the month
  • The connection between breathing and premenstrual syndrome, and how to get relief from debilitating symptoms like migraines, cramps, fatigue and anxiety
  • Why sleep disordered breathing increases during pregnancy and after menopause, and what you can do about it
  • Why lung health is more vulnerable in later life and how to stay well

Option 5
Workplace wellness — avoiding burnout and supporting mental health at work

  • When exhaustion syndrome strikes. How much stress is too much?
  • Using the breath to deactivate your fight or flight response and prevent chronic stress
  • Breathing routines to help with remote working and pandemic fatigue
  • How to avoid taking workplace stress home
  • Breathing exercises to support recovery from burnout
  • Practical tools to help with racing mind, anxiety and panic disorder


Sleep better and reduce stress with breathing exercises – they will supercharge your life, and your gym workouts, experts say
When Patrick McKeown was young, he suffered from chronic asthma. He sought relief through medications and inhalers, without ever getting a good night’s sleep. Doctors assured him and his parents that he would “grow out of it”. As he reached his 20s, and his asthma grew worse, the Irishman became interested in the breathwork teachings of the Russian Konstantin Buteyko, who developed the Buteyko method of low, light breathing through the nose.


How Breathing Through Your Nose Will Change Your Life with Patrick McKeown
How do you breathe? It might not be something you’ve ever given much thought to, but my guest on this week’s episode is convinced you should. Patrick McKeown believes breathing correctly – that is, through your nose, lightly, and slowly – is the secret to better health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Yet many of us are breathing through our mouths, breathing fast and shallow, and our health is suffering as a result.


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